Thiagarajar School of Management

TSM is a premier educational institution that specializes in providing comprehensive management training to aspiring leaders, empowering them with advanced management techniques to excel in their respective fields and advance their career trajectories. It is a pioneer college in South India, Madurai.


TSM’s primary objective was to increase the diversity of its institute by expanding to multiple locations and attracting more students. However, before embarking on this plan, the college needed to address the factors that hindered its growth. One major challenge was to organize student canvas sessions, which is where Reach Skyline stepped in. We helped set up camps in various North Indian locations to raise awareness among students and encourage their participation in the process.
Skyline’s primary goal for TSM’s success is to increase the number of admissions from regional areas to a national level. By implementing our digital media platform strategy to enhance their brand awareness, we were able to attract 87 new applicants to the program in 2019.



At TSM, our aim is not only to increase the number of potential students but to establish a strong and supportive community that offers students comprehensive guidance. Through effective branding and communication strategies, we have successfully acquired 475 top-quality leads and developed a sales script for follow-up. These leads not only represent future students but also demonstrate the positive impact of our efforts on enhancing the overall reputation and success of the TSM brand.


Building a community goes beyond converting prospects. It involves providing them with essential information, friendly prompts, and student tele-calling services for consistent follow-up, as well as facilitating college visits that assist students in making well-informed decisions. These are the areas that Reach Skyline prioritizes to boost brand trust and value for prospective students.


The next crucial stage of the transformative overhaul for TSM was focused on digital campaigns. Our strategy primarily hinged on leveraging two popular hashtags, namely #BeginTheBattleAtTSM and #BeginWithTSM. These campaigns proved to be a game-changer for the brand, expanding its reach and diversifying its target audience.


The custom-designed content flow and engagement tactics deployed during the digital campaigns effectively captured and retained the interest and curiosity of the audience.
At Reach Skyline branding, a critical aspect of our work involves designing content that effectively showcases the brand through various mediums. We employ diverse branding methods, including photo and video shoots, as well as strategic content planning. Our overarching goal is to enhance the brand’s image and generate leads by increasing audience engagement.


To expand our brand’s reach and increase awareness, our lead generation strategy primarily targeted North Indian regions such as West Bengal, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Orissa, and Andhra Pradesh. Our goal was to diversify our audience and attract individuals within the age range of 25 years who have completed their undergraduate degrees. As TSM courses cater to this specific age group, we executed a well-planned branding strategy to effectively target our intended audience.


One of the key aspects of our Reach Skyline branding strategy was to create regional advertisements tailored to different areas. The aim was to establish trust in the brand and improve the connection between the brand and its audience. In addition to the videos, we conducted a three-month email marketing campaign targeting registered leads, with weekly emails specific to their location in order to convert them into potential students. Rather than solely promoting the brand, the content of the emails focused on exam preparation and educational tips to enhance the students’ learning experience.
Our digital transformation efforts proved fruitful, resulting in 475 potential leads and the enrollment of 87 new students. Of these, 17 hailed from North India, highlighting the success of our mission to expand the brand’s reach and attract a diverse student population.