Tamilnad Mercantile Bank

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) is a renowned pioneer of banking services in India, known for its exceptional customer service and dedication to delivering an unparalleled banking experience. With a legacy of excellence, TMB has expanded its reach with over 511 branches, providing a wide range of services to its valued customers.


TMB had been relying on traditional offline advertising methods for their branding efforts, but with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, these strategies suffered a setback. Up until 2020, the company had not yet established a strong presence on social media to facilitate its digital transformation. In October of the same year, Reach Skyline was engaged to spearhead the development of a comprehensive social media content strategy. Our initial efforts focused on creating a cohesive visual aesthetic for the brand and launching the #ForwardsTogether campaign, which continues to this day.


Reach Skyline’s main objective for the improvement of TMB was centered around enhancing their digital PR, which we have been solely responsible for. Our team consistently shares updates about the bank and keeps the audience informed about the bank’s products. We began by establishing a solid foundation for the social media community, creating consistently branded designs with a consistent color scheme, font, and theme across various marketing channels.


Our design solutions for the bank’s enhancement encompassed a wide range of elements including social media graphics, danglers, internal branding materials like posters and name boards, ATM screen displays, web banner designs, mobile banking creatives, and more. These designs facilitated strong engagement between the bank and its customers, with diverse content strategies catering to various audiences and promoting positive engagement with the bank’s services.


To achieve widespread growth for TMB, we employed a multi-faceted approach that targeted different demographics. To enhance audience engagement and build trust, we collaborated with Reach Skyline to incorporate live streaming on popular social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. To ensure high-quality live streaming, we focused on creating eye-catching thumbnails, and visually appealing animations, and providing reliable audio and in-person support.
To effectively reach the target audience, we utilized trackable links that allowed for easy navigation and access to TMB’s best services. Overall, our comprehensive strategy enabled TMB to connect with a diverse range of individuals and achieve significant growth.


In addition to our digital media strategies aimed at strengthening their social media presence, we also assisted in the creation of a virtual museum for the bank’s centennial celebration. This was done using UNITY to create an engaging and interactive experience that showcased the bank’s achievements and evoked feelings of nostalgia. Users could explore the virtual museum as if they were walking through a real museum, making it a noteworthy accomplishment that garnered significant attention and curiosity. This virtual establishment served to enhance brand awareness and further solidify the bank’s reputation as a noteworthy institution.


The goal of Reach Skyline in revamping TMB’s digital presence was to achieve multiple objectives. These included increasing customer loyalty and generating interest among potential new customers. The digital presence was designed to provide comprehensive information about the bank and guide the target audience toward taking the next step.