Pi Music player is a unique offline music listening platform, based in Bangalore and established in the year (insert year). Its primary mission is to provide an unparalleled music experience, with an array of sophisticated features, including the “Ringtone cutter.” Pi Music player enabled users to access an extensive library of limitless music, anytime and anywhere.
Pi Music player enabled users to access an extensive library of limitless music, anytime and anywhere.


In 2016, Pi Music Player achieved incredible virality, captivating audiences from all walks of life with its unique features. However, they experienced a significant setback with the entry of new competitors, such as Saavn, Wynk Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify, as well as the rapid rise of 4G users in India with Jio. This caused a substantial decline in their app downloads and user engagement.


Pi Music Player faced a significant setback due to the hike in internet culture that dominated the market. Our team’s main motive was to restore user engagement in areas with limited access to the streaming culture and internet facility.
Based on our thorough consumer research, we targeted social media ads in countries such as Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Vietnam.


Our analysis of Google Downloads, demographic trends, and Pi Music player user behavior revealed the inadequacy of affordable internet in these places in 2016. This was our focus, to market the app to these selected demographics. By prioritizing the needs of users in these regions, we successfully expanded our reach and enhanced our impact.
Our approach to revamping the brand’s digital identity involved a comprehensive social media content strategy that honed in on targeted ads and branding. By studying user behavior, we discovered that the app was mostly used during the daily commute from home to the office. This prompted us to time our ads strategically during this period for maximum engagement and downloads.


Our social media ads cost per download was kept at Rs.6 to 9rs. This was the major focus with which the brand got a major transformation and engagement from the users. The analysis and application of strategy with sharp transformational ideas and tools enabled this reach.


At the heart of Pi Music player’s digital transformation lies a vibrant online community, powered by our dynamic branding across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We didn’t just create and share content; we fostered a lively, engaging family that celebrated successful artists, promoted emerging talents, and showcased the app’s unique features through creative reels and posts.

Through our dedicated content flow, we curated a musical journey that amplified the Pi Music player experience, creating a seamless blend of entertainment, engagement, and utility. 

The end result? A stunning, interactive digital community that resonated with music lovers across the globe, and drove the revenue’s hike in prominent numbers.


35M to 45M Followers in 1 Year

We’ve successfully increased the download growth rate of the Pi Music digital player by an impressive 10 million, taking it from 35M to 45M. As part of our extensive analysis, we’ve introduced several creative changes to the brand’s style, theme, and personification.


From designing 10-20 different app icons to introducing a range of endless themes with a creative flair, we’ve elevated the brand’s image and value to a whole new level.
These changes have been geared towards optimizing our Play Store SEO and establishing strong branding grounds for Play Store ads.


Reach Skyline’s motive is that a branding strategy goes beyond just promoting the app and its features. It’s about fostering a vibrant community of music enthusiasts who share a common love for great tunes. Our focus on building this digital community for Pi Music Player has not only helped them promote their brand but also create a strong sense of loyalty among the users.