We are Reach Skyline – a digital media marketing company that promotes businesses on social media. We are experts in producing creative content and tailor ROI-driven campaigns for brands to help them achieve their sales goals and brand’s objectives. We have given voices to brands; created identities for startups and established branding styles to businesses. We believe that brands should have the necessary reach that they require on social media which reaches a whole lot of the millennial population. Our design and content team work to provide the best outputs in terms of creativity and designs. We have experts to guide in the right direction on digital media.


Ram K Krishnan - Strategic Business Planner

“A lot of my decisions are based on my gut and not facts.”

A highly motivated and driven sales individual with a solid track record of delivering results and retaining client patronage. With nearly 6 years of experience in sales, I help businesses to improve profits and increase customer base with innovative sale campaigns. I love to tackle tricky problems with creative solutions. I improved overall sales and conducted business in Asia and Africa. I also work with brands for helping them in strategic business planning, customer retention, revenue growth, financial planning, marketing and merchandising.

Rajaguhan - Creative Head

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Rajaguhan did Agriculture in his UG. He used to write blogs and took up content writing as a part-time. His personal interest in social media marketing lead him to create content on a lot of platforms like Quora, Blogger & YouTube. He also pursued a management degree to understand marketing better.  An awesome strategizer and campaign curator.

Manikanda Sha - Design Strategist

“A lot of my decisions are based on my gut and not facts.”

A computer student who began to develop interesting in designing due to his passion for gaming. He started off his career as a freelance designer during his college days by learning concepts through YouTube videos. The tutorials that he watched helped him explore and learn the field better. He aims at creating unique designs in a creative and smart way.

Shobana Priya - Ad Research Expert

“Failure  made me ambitious and that’s how I wore failure as a badge of honour”

Shobana is an engineering graduate, who took up MBA to achieve her goal of making it big in the field of marketing. She is highly passionate about digital marketing and is determined to explore in this arena.

Abinaya - Content writer

“A lot of my decisions are based on my gut and not facts.”

Abinaya has been in love with words her whole life. She joined the content scene as a freelance writer and has been hooked into it ever since. She is a writer by day and reader by night. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, an introvert, and a wannabe traveler. 

Akash Ram- Lead generation

“A lot of my decisions are based on my gut and not facts.”

The go-to guy to analyze the brands, identify opportunities and turn that online attention into a real paying client.

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